We are facing a Capitals crisis

Health Capital: Human beings are less healthy than they ever have been. Chronic diease like obesity, heart failure, diabetes & a failure of the system to support the demand.

Human Capital: We are not training people with the right skills for the current century. School and college education is not fit, online learning hardly works and AI, automation, gig economy jobs, ongoing career changes all place enormous stress on our workforce.

Manufactured Capital: We need a new more agile approaches to production and delivery that can deal with an increasingly turbulent and complex economy. Global supply chains can easily be disrupted due to geo-political instability and new innovations are disrupting industries like never before.

Financial Capital: Our economic models are extracting value leading to debt crisis, bank failures, government bond failures, 1% wealth growth, rise in poverty and mass destruction of nature and communities.

Natural Capital: We are losing our natural environment e.g. national park shrinkage, Amazon shrinkage, increase in pollution levels while facing drastic threats to our livelihoods e.g. fires, hurricanes, sea level rising, changing temperatures.

Cultural Capital: We are seeing the communication patterns in our lives shift, and our communities are unable to cope. For example bots interrupting discourse in online spaces drive intolerance, social and political positions entrenched, a PC movement out of control and people banned for congregating and connecting in democratic countries.

Social Capital: We have not integrated electronic communications in a way that builds connection with ourselves, who we are and how we connect with others. We are alone, isolated, anxious, afraid and disconnected.

Knowledge Capital: Information is growing at an ever increasing rate and our ability to access, decipher and use is decreasing. Content is produced faster than ever and yet is more disposable than ever. Wisdom is further away. What do we know?

Psychological Capital: We are experiencing a lack of safety in our home, work and social environments. As a result there is growing mental illness, stress, and depression, anxiety around the world.

Spiritual Capital: We are lost. We are not connected with a deeper and wider purpose nor inspiring planetary narratives. We are not integrated into something that is bigger than us, nor connected to our own inner meaning.

As you can see each of these ten types of capital are facing unprecedented challenges in the 21st century. We need a new model of capital development and exchange that can better recognise these challenges and the creation of capital across all of these categories. Stay tuned for some exciting developments in this space, and for now learn more about the MetaImpact Framework which provides an integrated approach to working creatively with all 10 capitals